Tesneḍ ismawen n tmura n isenǧaqen-agi ?


Anonymous said...

1 Lalman
2 Seneggal
3 Leggliz
4 Iwunak Iddukklen n Temrikkt
5 Japu (Japon)
6 Beljikk
7 Irlandd
8 Ddanmarkk
9 Bbrizil
10 Kkurya n Wanẓul
11 Ṭurkk (Ṭerkk)
12 Spanya (Spenyul)
13 Mikksikk
14 Swedd
15 Ṭelyan
16 Paraggwi

Abujad said...

Gedh-ak ! tufiḍ-ten akk .

Anonymous said...

Azul ublog s teqbaylit:http://djerdjer.blogspot.com/

Yiwen Uyirat said...

Azul fell-awen.

Xas ass-a drus n yemdanen i yettnadin ad γren neγ ad arun kra s tmeslayt-agi-nneγ, maca annect
tebγu tekk-it a d-arnun wiyaḍ. Isuḍ-d waḍu-inu yegla-d s weblog-a!


Anonymous said...

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